High End, Luxury, Classical Architectural Interior Décor for private residences, restaurants, hotels, offices and stores.

3rd Generation Family Tradition.

Our Work can be seen in Kremlin, Prince of Saudi Arabia Los Angeles Residence, Opera Theatre of Odessa, Indian Temple in New Westminster,  Michael Gorbachov’s Summer House.

We worked with great number of famous architects such as Alberto Pinto, David Cristopher and Marque Thompson among others.

If you are an Architect, Interior Designer, Home Renovator, or Home Owner, Call 604-603-5705 Today on how to give your project a Luxury Look.

Aristo Artisans specializes in custom architectural décor for interiors and exteriors. We work on a wide range of spaces including private residences, restaurants, hotels, stores, gardens.

We provide custom interior décor for walls, ceilings, panels, furniture customization, exterior and facade decoration. At Aristo Artisans we combine classical European style architectural décor with the latest in modern materials and technology.

Our designers work individually with you to create a one of a kind vision that encompasses your space harmoniously and elegantly. We oversee the design and installation process from start to finish to ensure highest quality according to our European standard.

If you are an architect or interior/exterior designer. We are supplying presets and elements for your creative and inspiring ideas. If you are a working designer have a look at our product on this page. Feel free to email or call us regarding quotes, shipping and custom designs elements.  IMG-1

If you are a customer. Our founder Alexander Suhomlinov can go over your ideas and create a unique design just for you. Take a look at our portfolio page for inspiration and feel free to email us or call directly.

If your are a movie production company or an independent movie maker. We can offer you services in recreation of any interior/exterior, furniture or accessory from the renaissance era that can fit within your budget and will be almost indistinguishable from the original. Feel free to contact us and get consultation on pieces that need to be recreated.

If you are a furniture specialist. We can offer you custom decoration elements for recreation antique furniture pieces that you make. Our material perfectly blends with any material of your choice such as: bronze, wood, gold, silver, chrome. Have a look at our elements page and give as a call or email if you have any questions.Our_Services_1

We offer a lifetime warranty on all parts manufactured by Aristo Artisans.*

*Contact us for warranty details.