Aristo Artisans is a direct lineage of classical European architectural décor combined with the latest in modern materials and technology.

Our professional team is dedicated to excellence in design and execution of custom architectural finishings, working under the direction of Alex Sukhomlinov with thirty seven years of experience.

The works of Aristo Artisans can be seen in museums and palaces, the interior of Michael Gorbachov’s dacha, the Kremlin, and many other private and public spaces around the world.

Our flexible shatterproof materials breathe new life into hundreds of years of European tradition. All moldings and decor pieces manufactured by Aristo Artisans are made of a flexible material which is virtually impossible to damage, is easily transported and installed.

Alex Sukhomlinov is the founder and artistic director of Aristo Artisans Co., his unprecedented talent and skills being a creative force behind many unique projects locally and internationally. He has worked with some of the world’s most respectable designers and clients, including Alberto Pinto, Donald Trump and the Prince of Saudi Arabia. His knowledge of architectural design comes directly from the European masters and artisans.

He started working in his grandfather’s workshop at fourteen years old, and since then he’s been immersed in the world of artistry, beauty, and harmony.

Alex has a vast knowledge of the principles, rules, and technical aspects of architectural design, as well as the latest materials and technologies, which has allowed him to create interiors and exteriors of astounding beauty and elegance.